Airbnb Cleaning Service Sydney

Cleaning is the single most important aspect of our Airbnb management service and we take the responsibility of ensuring your guests have excellent experience very seriously.

Our cleaning operation is thorough and performed efficiently by professional home cleaning contractors specifically trained for Airbnb property preperation.

A customised cleaning and preperation checklist is prepared for your property which our cleaners electronically verify at the completion of their clean, and then take photos of each room which we record and will also send to you on request.

I then personally perform a final QA check to verify the clean is up to a 5 star rated standard before the guest checks in.

Host Fresh charges standard cleaning contractor rates at no mark up (unlike many other Airbnb management companies), and the total cost of the clean is charged directly to the guest, so it does not impact your net earnings.

As part of standard Airbnb cleaning we also launder used linen, sheets and towels. You will need to have several spare sets of linen for us to immediately replace it at each clean. We will launder your used ones and then add it to the cleaning rotation. If you do not have appropriate or sufficient linen, we will purchase additional required items on your behalf (at cost) during set up.

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